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Lab Safety

Laboratory safety is an integral part of our research and training program. All individuals working in the lab must undergo official UCSD lab safety training as appropriate for the procedures and hazards that they are likely to encounter. This safety training is different and more extensive than what students have received to work in a lab classroom. Please use BLINK to register for a lab safety course and to take annual web-based refresher courses.

Register for a lab safety course

  1. Sign on using Student Sign-on
  2. Search "06_LABPRINS" and register for the course that shows up

In addition, everyone working in the lab is required to view supplemental lab safety videos. These videos are produced by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and are only posted here to promote safety in the Nieh lab. They are not meant to substitute for official lab safety training and should not be viewed or distributed in any other context. All rights to this video are held by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. By clicking "I agree," you agree that you are viewing these videos solely for your personal edification.

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