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Krista R. Gerbino, Joshua M. Borin, Sarah M. Ardell, Justin J. Lee, Kevin D. Corbett, Justin R. Meyer

Bacteriophage Φ21s receptor-binding protein evolves new functions through destabilizing mutations that generate non-genetic phenotypic heterogeneity


Adriana Lucia-Sanz, Shengyun Peng, Chung Yin (Joey) Leung, Animesh Gupta, Justin R. Meyer, Joshua S. Weitz

Inferring strain-level mutational drivers of phage-bacteria interaction phenotypes


Jérémy Seurat, Krista R. Gerbino, Justin R. Meyer, Joshua M. Borin, Joshua S. Weitz

Design, optimization, and inference of multiphasic decay of infectious virus particles


Morgan E. Mouchka, Dillon M. Dorsey, Genna L. Malcangio, Sarah J. Medina, Elizabeth C. Stuart, Justin R. Meyer

Viral host-range evolvability changes in response to fluctuating selection



Elijah K. Horwitz, Hannah M. Strobel, Jason Hsiao, Justin R. Meyer

More evolvable bacteriophages better suppress their host

Evolutionary Applications 17, 7 (2024)

Lisa Butt, Justin R Meyer, Richard J Lindsay, Robert E Beardmore, Ivana Gudelj

Bacterial resistance response and resource availability mediate viral coexistence

Journal of Evolutionary Biology 37, 4 (2024)

Hannah M. Strobel, Sweetzel D. Labador, Dwaipayan Basu, Mrudula Sane, Kevin D. Corbett, Justin R. Meyer

Viral Receptor-Binding Protein Evolves New Function through Mutations That Cause Trimer Instability and Functional Heterogeneity

Molecular Biology and Evolution 41, 4 (2024)

Michael B. Doud, Animesh Gupta, Victor Li, Sarah J. Medina, Caesar A. De La Fuente, Justin R. Meyer

Competition-driven eco-evolutionary feedback reshapes bacteriophage lambda’s fitness landscape and enables speciation

Nature Communications 15, 83 (2024)


Joshua M. Borin, Justin J. Lee, Adriana Lucia-Sanz, Krista R. Gerbino, Joshua S. Weitz, Justin R. Meyer

Rapid bacteria-phage coevolution drives the emergence of multiscale networks

Science 382, 6671 (2023)

Robert Beardmore, Mark Hewlett, Rafael Peña-Miller, Carlos Reding, Ivana Gudelj, Justin R. Meyer

Canonical host-pathogen tradeoffs subverted by mutations with dual benefits

The American Naturalist 205, 5 (2023)

Joshua M. Borin, Justin J. Lee, Krista R. Gerbino, Justin R. Meyer

Comparison of bacterial suppression by phage cocktails, dual-receptor generalists, and coevolutionarily trained phages

Evolutionary Applications 16, 1 (2023)

Amy Prichard, Jina Lee, Thomas G. Laughlin, Amber Lee, Kyle P. Thomas, Annika E. Sy, Tara Spencer, Aileen Asavavimol, Allison Cafferata, Mia Cameron, Nicholas Chiu, Demyan Davydov, Isha Desai, Gabriel Diaz, Melissa Guereca, Kiley Hearst, Leyi Huang, Emily Jacobs, Annika Johnson, Samuel Kahn, Ryan Koch, Adamari Martinez, Meliné Norquist, Tyler Pau, Gino Prasad, Katrina Saam, Milan Sandhu, Angel Jose Sarabia, Siena Schumaker, Aaron Sonin, Ariya Uyeno, Alison Zhao, Kevin D. Corbett, Kit Pogliano, Justin Meyer, Julianne H. Grose, Elizabeth Villa, Rachel Dutton, Joe Pogliano

Identifying the core genome of the nucleus-forming bacteriophage family and characterization of Erwinia phage RAY

Cell Reports 42, 5 (2023)


Hannah M. Strobel, Elizabeth C. Stuart, and Justin R. Meyer

A Trait-Based Approach to Predicting Viral Host-Range Evolvability

Annual Review of Virology 9, 139-156 (2022)

Animesh Gupta, Luis Zaman, Hannah M. Strobel, Jenna Gallie, Alita R. Burmeister, Benjamin Kerr, Einat S. Tamar, Roy Kishony, Justin R. Meyer

Host-parasite coevolution promotes innovation through deformations in fitness landscapes

eLife 11, e76162 (2022)

Hannah M. Strobel, Elijah K. Horwitz, and Justin R. Meyer

Viral protein instability enhances host-range evolvability

PLoS Genetics 18, 2 (2022)

Animesh Gupta, Shengyun Peng, Chung Yin Leung, Joshua M. Borin, Sarah J. Medina, Joshua S. Weitz, and Justin R. Meyer

Leapfrog dynamics in phage-bacteria coevolution revealed by joint analysis of cross-infection phenotypes and whole genome sequencing

Ecology Letters 00, 1-13 (2022)


Joshua M. Borin, Sarit Avrani, Jeffrey E. Barrick, Katherine L. Petrie, and Justin R. Meyer

Coevolutionary phage training leads to greater bacterial suppression and delays the evolution of phage resistance

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 23, 118 (2021)

Vorrapon Chaikeeratisak, Erica A. Birkolz, Amy M. Prichard, MacKennon E. Egan, Avani Mylvara, Poochit Nonejuie, Katrina T. Nguyen, Joseph Sugie, Justin R. Meyer, Joe Pogliano

Viral speciation through subcellular genetic isolation and virogenesis incompatibility

Nature Communications 12, 342 (2021)

Joseph Waterton, Susan J. Mazer, Justin R. Meyer, Elsa E. Cleland

Trade-off drives Pareto optimality of within- and among-year emergence timing in response to increasing aridity

Evolutionary Applications 14, 658–673 (2021)


Justin R. Meyer, Richard E. Lenski

Subtle environmental differences have cascading effects on the ecology and evolution of a model microbial community

Springer - Evolution in Action: Past, Present and Future (2020)

Animesh Gupta, Anechelle N. Soto, Sarah J. Medina, Katherine L. Petrie, Justin R. Meyer

Bacteriophage lambda overcomes a perturbation in its host–viral genetic network through mutualism and evolution of life history traits

Evolution 74, 4 (2020)


Rohan Maddamsetti, Daniel T. Johnson, Stephanie J. Spielman, Katherine L. Petrie, Debora S. Marks, Justin R. Meyer

Gain-of-function experiments in bacteriophage lambda uncover residues under diversifying selection in nature

Evolution 72, 10 (2018)

Waqas Chaudhry, Maroš Pleška, Nilang Shah, Howie Weiss, Ingrid McCall, Justin R. Meyer, Animesh Gupta , Calin C. Guet, Bruce R. Levin

Leaky Resistance and the Conditions for the Existence of Lytic Bacteriophage

PLOS Biology 16, 8 (2018)

Katherine L. Petrie, Nathan D. Palmer, Daniel T. Johnson, Sarah J. Medina, Stephanie J. Yan,Victor Li, Alita R. Burmeister, Justin R. Meyer

Destabilizing mutations encode nongenetic variation that drives evolutionary innovation

Science 359, 6383 (2018)


Caroline B. Turner, Brian D. Wade, Justin R. Meyer, Brooke A. Sommerfeld, Richard E. Lenski

Evolution of organismal stoichiometry in a long-term experiment with Escherichia coli

Royal Society Open Science 4, 7 (2017)


Justin R. Meyer, Devin T. Dobias, Sarah J. Medina, Lisa Servilio, Animesh Gupta, Richard E. Lenski

Ecological speciation of bacteriophage lambda in allopatry and sympatry

Science 354, 6317 (2016)

Alita B. Burmeister, Richard E. Lenski, Justin R. Meyer

Host coevolution alters the adaptive landscape of a virus

Proceedings of the Royal Society B 283, 1839 (2016)


Justin Meyer, Ivana Gudelj, Robert Beardmore

Biophysical mechanisms that maintain biodiversity through trade-offs

Nature Communications 6, 6278 (2015)


Luis Zaman, Justin R. Meyer, Suhas Devangam, David M. Bryson, Richard E. Lenski, Charles Ofria

Coevolution drives the emergence of complex traits and promotes evolvability

PLOS Biology 12, 12 (2014)


J.S. Weitz, T. Poisot, J.R. Meyer, C. O. Flores, S. Valverde, M.B. Sullivan, M.E Hochberg

Phage-bacteria interaction networks

Trends in Microbiology 21, 2 (2013)


Justin R. Meyer, Cesar Flores, Joshua S. Weitz, Richard E. Lenski

Key innovation in a virus catalyzes a coevolutionary arms race

A-Life Proceedings 13, (2012)

J. R. Meyer, D. T. Dobias, J. S. Weitz, J. E. Barrick, R. T. Quick, R. E. Lenski

Repeatability and contingency in the evolution of a key innovation in Lambda Phage

Science 335, 6067 (2012)


Justin R. Meyer, Ellinor Michel, Peter McIntyre, Brittany Huntington, Dustin Long, Genifer Lara

Scale-dependent processes of community assembly in an African rift lake

Freshwater Biology 56, 10 (2011)

Cesar Flores, Justin R. Meyer, Sergi Valverde, Lauren Farr, Joshua S. Weitz

Statistical structure of host-phage interactions

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108, 28 (2011)


Ivana Gudelj, Joshua S. Weitz, Tom Ferenci, M. Claire Horner-Devine, Christopher J. Marx, Justin R. Meyer, Samantha E. Forde

An integrative approach for understanding diversity: from intracellular to community structure

Ecology Letters 13, 9 (2010)

Justin R. Meyer, Sijmen E. Schoustra, Josianne Lachapelle, Rees Kassen

Overshooting dynamics in a model adaptive radiation

Proceedings of the Royal Society B 278, 1704 (2010)

Justin R. Meyer, Anurag A. Agrawal, Ryan T. Quick, Devin T. Tobias, Dominique Schneider, Richard E. Lenski

Parallel changes in host resistance to viral infection during 45,000 generations of relaxed selection

Evolution 64, 10 (2010)


Alex Hall, Justin R. Meyer, Rees Kassen

Selection for predator resistance varies with resource supply in a model adaptive radiation

Evolutionary Ecology Research 10, (2008)



Justin R. Meyer, Stephen P. Ellner, Nelson G. Hairston, Jr., Laura E. Jones, Takehito Yoshida

Prey evolution on the time scale of predator-prey dynamics revealed by allele-specific quantitative PCR

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103, 28 (2006)


Katherine L. Petrie & Justin R. Meyer

Discovery of a surprise multitasking gene helps explain how new functions and features evolve

The Conversation March 29, 2018

Justin R. Meyer

Sticky phage protect animal cells

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110, 26 (2013)

Justin R. Meyer

Book Review: Adaptive Dynamics

Journal of American Human Biology 24, 3 (2012)