About Us

We are a team of researchers based at UC San Diego studying

Fundamental Questions on the Ecology and Evolution of Life using Microbial Experimental Systems

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Our Research

Here's what we study at the Meyer Lab


High order biological interactions that influence the evolution of multiple species

Viral Speciation

Evolution experiments that help determine what environmental pressures impact speciation in bacteriophage lambda

Protein Novelty and Evolvability

Understanding and manipulating the molecular mechanism underlying the evolution of bacteriophage lambda to use a new receptor

Phage Therapy

Applying knowledge gained on phage-bacterial coevolution to develop more robust bacteriophage therapeutics.

Latest Publications

Strobel et al (2024)

Viral Receptor-Binding Protein Evolves New Function through Mutations That Cause Trimer Instability and Functional Heterogeneity

Doud et al (2024)

Competition-driven eco-evolutionary feedback reshapes bacteriophage lambda’s fitness landscape and enables speciation

Borin et al (2023) 

Rapid bacteria-phage coevolution drives the emergence of multi-scale networks