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April 2015
Welcome to Yina Cobian, a Biology student rotating with us. We are also happy to welcome Carina Baskett, a PhD student visiting us from the Schemske Lab at Michigan State University.

February 2015
Our Nature Communications paper has been published. We also welcome Dan Johnson, a Biology student rotating with us.

January 2015
We are pleased to announce a forthcoming paper accepted to Nature Communications.

A warm welcome to Animesh Gupta, a graduate student in the Department of Physics, who is rotating with us.

Luis Zaman's recent paper has been attracting attention from the BBC.

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About the Lab

We study the experimental evolution of viruses.

Our leading system is Bacteriophage λ, which infects Escherichia coli, however we also study other microbial species. The two-part question that drives the majority of our research is: What mutations cause viruses to gain new functions, such as infecting novel host species. And, what ecological and epidemiological processes promote their evolution.

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