University of California, San Diego


ORGANIZED BY: Carla V. Rothlin and Elina I. Zúñiga

Live on Wednesdays 9AM PST, 12PM EST, 4PM GMT


Q&A via TWITTER: #globalimmuno (contingent speaker availability)


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Individual talks and titles will be updated below and announced via Twitter with #globalimmuno from the account @globalimmuno


4/22/20 Daniel Mucida Neuro-immune interactions in the gut Click here for recording
4/29/20 Caetano Reis e Sousa Cells and pathways in immunity to cancer and infection Click here for recording
5/6/20 Hai Qi Regulation of the antibody response: from sex to the brain Click here for recording
5/13/20 Yasmine Belkaid Microbiota control of tissue immunity Click here for recording
5/20/20 Susan Kaech Long-term immunity…the key to normalcy Click here for recording
5/27/20 Bali Pulendran Probing the Human Immune Response to Viruses and Vaccines Click here for recording
6/3/20 Jason Cyster Cues guiding and restraining B cell responses Click here for recording
6/10/20 Kate Fitzgerald The Offensive Side of Immune Defenses; how DNA sensing pathways protect and harm Click here for recording
6/17/20 John Wherry Immune Profiling of Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients Click here for recording
6/24/20 Marco Colonna Innate Immune Responses in Neurodegeneration Click here for recording
7/1/20 Carla Rothlin Phosphatidylserine sensing in life and death Click here for recording
7/8/20 Chris Hunter Limiting Infection-Induced Inflammation Click here for recording
7/15/20 Manuela Raffatellu Nutritional immunity in the inflamed gut  
7/22/20 Alexander Rudensky  TBA  
7/29/20 Ron Germain Seeing is Believing: Using Advanced Imaging Methods to Develop a Deep Understanding of Immune System Organization and Function In Situ  
8/5/20 Elina Zúñiga TBA  


All talks are recorded and uploaded in YouTube channel named "Global Immunotalks"