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Florent Ginhoux, Nicola Harris, Matteo Iannacone,
Carla Rothlin, Henrique Veiga-Fernandes & Elina Zúñiga


Live on Wednesdays 9AM PST, 12PM EST, 5PM GMT


Q&A via TWITTER with #globalimmuno (contingent on speaker availability)


All talks are recorded and uploaded in YouTube channel named "Global Immunotalks"



Individual talks and titles will be updated below and announced via Twitter with #globalimmuno from the account @globalimmuno



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January 13 Richard Flavell A humanized mouse model for COVID-19: Infection and Pathogenesis
January 20 Dario Zamboni Innate Immunity and Inflammasome activation in response to SARS-CoV-2 impacts the outcome of COVID-19 in patients
January 27 Ellen Rothenberg Supplying the T cell generation pipeline by gene regulation:  quick start operating instructions
February 3 Burkhard Becher GM-CSF: communication conduit between lymphocytes and myeloid cells in inflammation
February 10 Gabriel Victora Clonal Dynamics of the B cell response
February 17 Maria Yazdanbakhsh Dissecting the interaction of parasites with the immune system- is the glass half full or half empty?
February 24 Ana Domingos Neuroimmunometabolism
March 3 Schwartzberg, Pamela Integrating T cell signals: lessons from genetics and primary immunodeficiencies.
March 10 Janelle Ayres Host-pathogen interactions: Harnessing co-evolution to treat disease
March 17 Miguel Soares TBA
March 24 Fiona Powrie TBA
March 31 Pippa Marrack TBA
April 7 Philippe Bousso TBA
April 14 Andres Hidalgo TBA
April 21 Matteo Iannacone TBA
April 28 Wolfgang Kastenmuller TBA
May 5 Sahlin Naik TBA
May 12 Marion Pepper TBA
May 19 Nicola Harris TBA
May 26 Diane Mathis TBA
June 2 Gabrielle Belz TBA
June 9 David Masopust TBA
June 16 Tineke Cantaert TBA
June 23 Alex Kallies TBA
June 30 Henrique Veiga-Fernandes TBA
July 7 Florent Ginhoux TBA




Click here to download the flyer for Global Immunotalks April22-August5 2020

Click here to download the flyer for Global Immunotalks August12-December16 2020

4/22/20 Daniel Mucida Neuro-immune interactions in the gut Click here for recording
4/29/20 Caetano Reis e Sousa Cells and pathways in immunity to cancer and infection Click here for recording
5/6/20 Hai Qi Regulation of the antibody response: from sex to the brain Click here for recording
5/13/20 Yasmine Belkaid Microbiota control of tissue immunity Click here for recording
5/20/20 Susan Kaech Long-term immunity…the key to normalcy Click here for recording
5/27/20 Bali Pulendran Probing the Human Immune Response to Viruses and Vaccines Click here for recording
6/3/20 Jason Cyster Cues guiding and restraining B cell responses Click here for recording
6/10/20 Kate Fitzgerald The Offensive Side of Immune Defenses; how DNA sensing pathways protect and harm Click here for recording
6/17/20 John Wherry Immune Profiling of Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients Click here for recording
6/24/20 Marco Colonna Innate Immune Responses in Neurodegeneration Click here for recording
7/1/20 Carla Rothlin Phosphatidylserine sensing in life and death Click here for recording
7/8/20 Chris Hunter Limiting Infection-Induced Inflammation Click here for recording
7/15/20 Manuela Raffatellu Nutritional immunity in the inflamed gut Click here for recording
7/22/20 Alexander Rudensky Regulatory T cells Click here for recording
7/29/20 Ron Germain Seeing is Believing: Using Advanced Imaging Methods to Develop a Deep Understanding of Immune System Organization and Function In Situ Click here for recording
8/5/20 Elina Zúñiga Adapting to a viral infection Click here for recording
8/12/20 Carola Vinuesa Follicular T cells and their regulation of antibody responses and class switching Click here for recording
8/19/20 John Kappler Neo-antigens Generated by Transpeptidation in Type-1 Diabetes Click here for recording
8/26/20 Ruslan Medzhitov Homeostasis, Inflammation and Disease Click here for recording
9/2/20 Miriam Merad Pathogenic inflammation in COVID19 patients Click here for recording
9/9/20 Juan Cubillos-Ruiz Stress Management in Intratumoral Immune Cells Click here for recording
9/16/20 Dan Littman Homeostatic and pathogenic cell interactions at the gut microbiota-mucosa interface Click here for recording
9/23/20 Emily Troemel Characterization of the Intracellular Pathogen Response in C. elegans Click here for recording
9/30/20 Dietmar Zehn Differentiation and maintenance of exhausted T cell populations Click here for recording
10/7/20 Jen Gommerman IgA producing cells in health and disease Click here for recording
10/14/20 Katrin Mayer-Barber Pulmonary innate immunity during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection Click here for recording
10/21/20 Boris Reizis Autoimmunity to extracellular DNA Click here for recording
10/28/20 Julie Magarian Blander Regulation of the Cell Biology of Antigen Presentation in Dendritic Cells Click for recording
11/4/20 Erika Pearce Polyamine metabolism in the regulation of T cell lineage fidelity and function Click here for recording
11/11/20 Gabriel Rabinovich The Sweet Escape: Glyco-checkpoints as Therapeutic Targets in Cancer, Autoimmunity and Infection Click here for recording
11/18/20 Laura Mackay Differentiation of tissue-resident lymphocytes Click here for recording
11/25/20 Ido Amit The power of ONE: Immunology in the age of single cell genomics Click here for recording
12/2/20 Zaza Ndhlovu Lessons from very early initiation of antiretroviral therapy that inform HIV cure strategies Click here for recording
12/9/20 Richard Locksley ILC2s, innate allergy, and tissue resilience Click here for recording
12/16/20 Federica Sallusto Human T cell subsets in health and diseases Click here for recording