Some Powerful Tools For Better Foods


The San Diego Union Tribune. Sunday, June 24, 2001. Opinion's Section.


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Our safe food supply and the Earth's environment are under serious threat if we are to believe the thousands of protesters who are marching in the streets of San Diego this week. They believe that there is collusion between government regulators who don't do their jobs properly and overpaid CEOs with an attitude of "the public-be-damned." They are protesting the application of modern genetic techniques to crop improvement by agricultural biotechnology companies.

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Once again, the Biotech entrepreneurs are gathering and the protestors are marching. This time San Diego is the venue. Each party is convinced of the righteousness of its cause: Technology to the rescue of world hunger and the need to increase crop yields two-fold by 2050.; Or, control of food production back to the people; Or save the environment. Take your pick and align yourself with one side or the other.

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