Laboratory Alumni

Bobbie Bradford (1970-2007)

  • Technician

Ricardo Aroca (2002-2004)


  • Post-doc from Murcia, Spain
  • Studied relation between chilling and aquaporins
  • Returned to Granada, Spain
  • email at:

Immaculada 'Imma' Martinez (1999-2003)

  • post-doc from Barcelona, Spain.
  • Investigated the unfolded protein response in Arabidopsis
  • Returned to Barcelona to work for IRTA
  • email at:


Shao Xing Huang (2002-2003)

  • postdoc
  • worked on FRIL and amylase inhibitors
  • went to the University of Missouri, Columbia.
  • email at:

Raphael Morillon (1999-2002)

  • Post-doc from Rouen, France
  • Characterize aquaporin function in vivo
  • now working for IVIA in Valencia, Spain
  • email at:

Peter Lim Quon (Summer of 2001)

  • undergraduate researcher
  • conducted a phylogenetic research of aquaporins
  • designed this web page
  • returned to Brown University
  • email at

Arnubio Valencia (1999)

  • sabbatical visitor from the University of Manizales in Colombia
  • worked on amylase inhibitors and coffee berry bruchids
  • email at:


Nozomu Koizumi (1998-2000)

  • post-doctoral researcher from Nara
  • worked on the unfolded protein response
  • returned to Nara, Japan
  • email at:


Elena Titarenko (1997-1999)

  • post-doctoral researcher from Madrid
  • characterized alpha-amylase inhibitors in plants
  • returned to Madrid and works at INIA
  • email at:

Shih-Chieh "Jack" Lee (1998-1999)

  • post-doctoral researcher; Ph.D. from UC Davis
  • investigated alpha-amylase inhibitors,
  • engineering beans for insect resistance
  • returned toTaiwan

Francois "Frankie" Barrieu (1996-1999)

  • post-doctoral researcher
  • worked on the cellular localization of aquaporins
  • returned to Bordeaux France to work on grapes
  • email at:

Francois Chaumont (1996-1998)

  • post-doctoral researcher
  • worked on cloning and characterizing water channel proteins
  • now professor at the Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
  • email address:

Isabel Gerhardt (1997-1998)

  • visiting graduate student (from Fatima Grossi de Sa's lab)
  • worked on cloning and characterizing alpha-amylase inhibitors
  • returned to Brazil to work for Folka de Sao Paolo
  • is now a research scientist with Alellyx
  • email address:

Rebecca Dyer (1996-1997)

  • MS student
  • worked on membrane protein targeting
  • working at Vertex Pharmaceuticals in San Diego

Mark J. Daniels (1991-19
97) (Ph.D. Student #8)

  • PhD student, aka 'Digital Boy'
  • dissertation on the molecular, cellular, and structural biology of plant aquaporins
  • presently at The Scripps Research Institute, Department of Cell Biology and at the University of North Carolina
  • email address:

Vipula K. Shukla (1995-1997)


  • post-doctoral researcher came from Washington University
  • worked on aquaporin assay systems and regulatory mechanisms
  • now a staff scientist at Dow AgroSciences
  • email address:

Maria Fatima Grossi De Sa (1995-1997, 1998)

  • professor on sabbatical from Brazil
  • worked on the characterization of alpha-amylase inhibitor proteins
  • currently back at her lab in Brazil
  • can be reached at

Gabriella Colucci (1995-1996, 1998-1999)

  • postdoc from Naples Italy
  • worked on cloning new alpha-amylase inhibitor genes then cloned FRIL
  • became a research scientist at Arena Pharmaceuticals in San Diego
  • returned to Italy to set up her own company called Arterra Bioscience
  • email address:

Alfons Weig (1994-1996)

Weig Picture

  • post-doctoral researcher from Germany
  • worked on Arabidopsis aquaporin expression and cladistics
  • returned to the University of Bayreuth, Germany
  • now works for Metanomics in Berlin, Germany
  • current email address:

Ingela Johansson (1996)

  • visiting graduate student from Sweden (Per Kjellbom's lab)
  • studied aquaporin phosphorylation
  • worked as a post-doc with Michael Blatt (UK)
  • email address:

Corine Deswarte (1995-1996)

  • post-doctoral researcher from France
  • studied aquaporins in Arabidopsis thaliana
  • Returned to France
  • was working for the Inst. Ntl. Polytechnique de Toulouse
  • no known email address

Masao Ishimoto (1994-1995)

  • post-doctoral researcher from Tsukuba Japan
  • studied the interactions of bruchid alpha-amylases with bean alpha-amylase inhibitors
  • returned to Tsukuba, Japan and is now in Sapporo, Hokkaido
  • can be reached at

Susanne Kjemtrup (1989-1995)
(Ph.D. Student #7)

  • PhD student
  • thesis research investigated protein sorting and mis-sorting
  • first a post-doc at the University of North Carolina
  • moved to Paradigm Genetics, which became Icoria, then Monsanto
  • email address:

Flavio Finardi-Filho (1994-1995)

  • post-doctoral researcher from Brazil
  • studied alpha-amylase inhibitors in Brazilian beans
  • can be reached at

T. Erik Mirkov (1991-1994)

mirkov picture

  • post-doctoral researcher
  • worked on both alpha-amylase inhibitors and aquaporins
  • now at the Texas A&M University research station in Weslaco, TX
  • can be reached at

Jose Pueyo (1992-1994)

  • post-doctoral researcher from Spain
  • worked on alpha-amylase inhibitors and protein sorting
  • returned to Zaragoza, Spain and later to Madrid where he works at the CSIC
  • email at:

Kiyoshi Hagiwara (1994)

  • post-doctoral researcher from Japan
  • investigated the evolution of lectin genes
  • returned to the Institute of Applied Biochemistry at the University of Tsukuba, Japan

Christophe Maurel (1992-1994)

Maurel Picture

  • post-doctoral researcher from France
  • discovered the water channel activity of gamma-TIP
  • now at the INRA/CNRS, Montpellier, France
  • can be reached at

Luis Gomez (1992-1994)

  • post-doctoral researcher from Spain
  • investigated protein targeting to the tonoplast
  • now at the University (Politecnica) of Madrid, Spain
  • can be reached at

Peter Welters (1992-1994)

  • post-doctoral researcher from Germany
  • worked on protein targeting and phosphatidyl inositol 3-kinase
  • returned to Germany to set up his own company called Phytowelt
  • email at:

Veronique Gomord (1993)

Gomord Picture

  • visiting graduate student from Rouen.
  • on the faculty at the University of Rouen
  • email at:

Ed Himmelblau (1993)

  • undergraduate researcher
  • went to Ph.D. program at the Univ. of Wisconsin

Janice Wahlstrom (1992-1993)

  • MS student
  • worked on alpha-amylase inhibitor genes
  • joined Gary Karpen's lab at The Salk Institute, La Jolla, CA

Dolors (Lola) Ludevid (1991-1992)

  • sabbatical visitor from Barcelona
  • worked on expression of aquaporins
  • returned to the CSIC in Barcelona.
  • founded ERA Biotech
  • email at:

Shinobu Satoh (1990-1991)

Antje von Schaewen (1989-1991)

  • post-doctoral researcher from Germany
  • studied protein targeting and glycosylation mutants
  • now at the University of Osnabruck, Germany
  • email address: schaewen@Uni-Muenster.DE

Jason O'Neill (1990-1991)

  • undergraduate researcher.

Dale Hunt (1988-1993)
(Ph.D. Student #6)

  • PhD student
  • thesis research investigated protein transport to the vacuole
  • now a biotechnology lawyer with KMOB in San Francisco, California
  • email address:

Herman Hofte (1989-1992)

  • post-doctoral researcher from the Netherlands
  • cloned a number TIPs and PIPs and analyzed their expression
  • now a senior scientist at the INRA in Versailles, France
  • can be reached at

Craig Dickinson (1986-1991)

  • PhD student
  • thesis research investigated vacuolar protein targeting
  • now a senior scientist at Applied Molecular Evolution in San Diego
  • email address:

Kenneth D. Johnson (1988-1990)

  • was on a long sabbatical leave from San Diego State University (SDSU)
  • cloned alpha-TIP, the first tonoplast protein cDNA
  • has retired from SDSU.
  • can be reached at

Brian Tague (1984-1990)
(Ph.D. Student #5)

  • PhD student
  • used yeast to analyze the vacuolar targeting information of phytohemagglutinin
  • now an Associate Professor at Wake Forest University
  • can be reached at

Teresa Altabella (1989-1990)

  • post-doctoral researcher from Spain
  • demonstrated that the putative alpha AI cDNA encodes an active inhibitor
  • returned to the University of Barcelona, Spain
  • email at:

C. Daniel Riggs (1987-1989)

  • post-doctoral researcher from Florida
  • worked on the expression of phytohemagglutinin genes
  • now Professor at the University of Toronto
  • can be reached at

Joaquin Moreno (1988-1989)

  • post-doctoral fellow from Valencia Spain
  • analyzed the alpha AI cDNA; also worked on the protein biochemistry
  • returned to the University of Valencia, Spain
  • email at:

Arnd Sturm (1985-1989)

  • post-doctoral researcher from Germany
  • worked on structure, function and biosynthesis of N-linked glycans and cloned the first invertase cDNA
  • now has a position with the Natural History Museum in Basel, Switzerland
  • email at:

Toni Voelker (1985-1989)

  • post-doctoral researcher from Germany
  • set up the first plant transformation in the lab; analyzed PHA expression and transport
  • scientist at Calgene, which was aquired by Monsanto.
  • email at:

Michael A. Tanchak (1987-1989)

  • post-doctoral researcher
  • analyzed P9000, a transported protein in beans
  • now an Associate Professor at the University College of Cape Bretor
  • can be reached at

Uwe Sonnewald (1988)

  • visiting graduate student
  • studied glycans of patatin
  • now Director at the IPK in Gatersleben, Germany
  • email at:

Corinne Dorel (1986-1988)

  • post-doctoral researcher from France
  • investigated targeting information for vacuolar transport
  • returned to France, became a scientist at INSA in Lyon
  • works on microbial biochemistry
  • email at:

Christiane and Michel Lauriere (1986-1987)

  • visiting scientists on sabbatical leave
  • purified carrot cell wall invertase and prepared the subsequently all important 949 (anti complex glycan) serum
  • returned to France after sabbatical visit
  • Christiane is at the CNRS in Gif sur Yvette and Michel is at the INRA in Grignon
  • email at: and


Paul Staswick (1985-1987)

  • post-doc
  • was the first to introduce gene cloning in the lab
  • now a professor at the University of Nebraska
  • mail at:

Loic Faye (1984-1986)

  • post-doctoral researcher from France
  • studied biosynthesis and transport of glycoproteins
  • returned to the University of Rouen, France where he is director of research at the CNRS.

Joseph Chappell (1984-1985)

  • post-doctoral researcher
  • studied regulation of seed protein gene expression
  • now Professor of Agronomy at the University of Kentucky
  • can be reached at

Michael Maeder (1983-1984)

  • postdoc from Germany
  • worked on tonoplast intrinsic protein before we knew what it was!
  • returned to Germany and worked in a medical school

Hetty Stinissen (1983)

  • visiting grad student from Belgium (Leuven).
  • worked on lectin processing
  • became a high school biology teacher in Belgium.


Alessandro Vitale (1982-1984)

  • postdoctoral research fellow
  • worked on glycosylation in the ER
  • returned to the CNR in Milano, Italy
  • email at:

Bong Yoo (1980)

  • sabbatical visitor from Canada
  • electron microscopy of cotyledons

John S. Greenwood (1977-1980)

  • Postdoc from U. of Guelph, Canada
  • was an electron microscopist immunocytochemist par excellence
  • now Professor at the University of Guelph, Canada
  • email at:

Eliot Herman (1976-1980)
(Ph.D. Student #4)

  • PhD student worked on autophagy in mung bean cotyledons
  • now a Senior Research Scientist at the USDA at the Danforth Center in St. Louis.
  • email at:

LaVerne Ragster (1976-1980)
(Ph.D.Student #3)

  • PhD student
  • worked on proteases in maize leaves and Senescence
  • now the president of the University of the Virgin Islands

Roberto Bollini (1977-1979)

  • postdoctoral research fellow
  • worked on phaseolin biosynthesis
  • returned to the CNR in Milano, Italy
  • email at:

Wim van der Wilde
n (1979-1981)

  • Postdoc from the Netherlands
  • worked on senescence and autophagie in cotyledons
  • returned to Holland and worked for Gist Brocades
  • now is an independent consultant
  • email at


Neil Gilkes (1979-1980)

  • postdoc from England
  • worked on ER changes in cotyledons
  • went to Canada and worked at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.
  • email at:

Bruno Baumgartner (1975-1977)

  • postdoc from the ETH in Switzerland
  • studied endoproteases in mungbean cotyledons
  • returned to the ETH
  • set up his own tax accounting/consulting business
  • email at:

Winfried Lang (1974-1975)

  • postdoc from Germany
  • studied Chlamydomonas cell walls
  • returned to Kaiserslautern, Germany where he is academic director.
  • email at:

Mary Ericson (1969-1972) (Ph.D.Student #2)

  • PhD student
  • worked on glyprotein biosynthesis
  • now on the staff at UC Santa Cruz working for the chemistry Department
  • email at:

David Sadava (1968-1972)
(Ph.D. Student #1)

  • PhD student
  • worked on the biosynthesis of extension
  • now a Professor of Biology in the Joint Science Department, The Claremont Colleges
  • email at: