Positions Available in our Lab


We are currently looking for new postdoctoral fellows the following questions:

Axon guidance and synapse formation -- guidance cues, signaling transduction for growth cone steering, cell biological mechanisms of growth cone turning, topographic mapping, synaptic specificity and synapse assembly.

Spinal cord injury -- neuron and glia responses to traumatic injury, molecular mechanisms underlying axon regeneration block, neural circuit plasticity and functional recovery.

Axon degeneration -- molecular mechanisms of axon degeneration in neurodegenerative disorders and injury.

Synaptic mechanisms underlying neurological and psychiatric disorders -- animal models for developmental disorders, circuit mechanisms underlying behavioral anomaly and molecular mechanisms leading abnormal circuit formation.


We are actively recruiting Ph.D. students who are interested in any of the above questions.


Our lab provides opportunities for undergraduate students who are interested in acquiring research experiences, honor thesis or BS/MS program. We are particularly interested in training undergraduate students who would like to apply for graduate school or medical school.

Staff Research Associate

We are looking for a new lab tech who will participate in lab maintenance and research activities supporting various research projects.

If you are interested in above openings, please contact Yimin Zou at yzou@ucsd.edu.