Phylogenetic Analysis of MADS-box genes

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Phylogenetic Analysis of MADS-box genes

Phylogeny of Arabidopsis MADS-box gene family. Maximum parsimony tree, heuristic search with 100 random addition-sequence replicates, tree-bisection-reconnection branch swapping algorithm, mulpars option in effect (E.R. Alvarez-Buylla et al., in prep.; analyses done using PAUP 4d63 written by David L. Swofford). Five most parsimonious, unrooted trees were found, numbers in branches are the percentage of these trees with a particular branch. Amino acid sequences of the MIK domains were used and aligned with Clustal. Preliminary bootstrap analyses show that the positions of the basal clades to the AG, AP1 and AP3/PI clades are still not well resolved. The position of AGL22 and AGL24 is surprising and may change once complete sequences for all genes are included and the alignment is further refined.

Arabidopsis genes are indicated in boldface. Functionally defined MADS-box genes from other species include: PLE (S53900), SQUA (S20886), DEF (S12378) and GLO (S28062) [Antirrhinum majus]; FBP6 (X68675), FBP11 (X81852), FBP2 (M91666) and GP (X69946) [Petunia hybrida]; NAG1 (L23925) [Nicotiana tabacum], TAG1 (L26295) and TM5 (X60480) [Lycopersicum esculentum], and ZAG1 (L18924) [Zea mays].

Selected Publications:

Purugganan et al., Genetics 140:345-356 (1995)

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