Selected Publications

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!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Liljegren et al. (2004)

Control of fruit patterning in Arabidopsis by INDEHISCENT.
Cell 116:843-853.

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Dinney et al. (2004)

Vascular patterning: xylem or phloem?
Curr Biol. 13:1768-1774.

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Dinney et al. (2004)

The role of JAGGED in shaping lateral organs.

Development 131:1101-1110

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Rhew et al. (2003)

Genetic Control of Methyl Halide Production in Arabidopsis

Curr Biol. 13:1809-1813.

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Favaro et al. (2003)

MADS-box protein complexes control carpel and ovule development in Arabidopsis.
Plant Cell15:2603-2611.

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Roeder  et al. (2003)

The Role of the REPLUMLESS Homeodomain Protein in Patterning the Arabidopsis Fruit.

Curr Biol. 13:1630-1635.

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Pinyopich et al. (2003)
Assessing the redundancy of MADS-box genes during carpel and ovule development
Nature 424: 85-88 (Download PDF)

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Pelaz et al. (2001)
APETALA1 and SEPALLATA3 interact to promote flower development
Plant Journal 26: 385-394.

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Ng, and Yanofsky. (2001)
Activation of the Arabidopsis B class homeotic genes by APETALA1
Plant Cell 13: 739-753.

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Pelaz et al. (2001)
Conversion of leaves into petals in Arabidopsis
Current Biology 11: 182-184

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Sessions et al. (2000)
Cell-Cell Signaling and Movement by the Floral Transcription Factors LEAFY and APETALA1

Science 289, 779-781

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Ferrándiz et al. (2000)
Negative Regulation of the SHATTERPROOF Genes by FRUITFULL During Arabidopsis Fruit Development
Science 289, 436-438

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Alon Samach, et al. (2000)
Distinct roles of CONSTANS target genes in reproductive development of Arabidopsis.
Science 288, 1613-1616

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Pelaz et al. (2000)
B and C floral organ identity functions require SEPALLATA MADS-box genes
Nature 405, 200 - 203

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Elena et al. (2000)
An ancestral MADS-box gene duplication occurred before the divergence of plants and animals
PNAS 97, 5328-5333

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Liljegren et al. (2000)
SHATTERPROOF MADS-box genes control seed dispersal in Arabidopsis.
Nature 404:766-770

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Ferrándiz et al. (2000) 
Redundant regulation of meristem identity and plant architecture by FRUITFULL, APETALA1 and CAULIFLOWER
Development 127:725-734

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Sessions et al. (1999)
The Arabidopsis thaliana MERISTEM LAYER 1 promoter specifies epidermal expression in meristems and young primordia
Plant Journal 20:259-263

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Liljegren et al. (1999)
Interactions among APETALA1, LEAFY, and TERMINAL FLOWER1 Specify Meristem Fate
Plant Cell 11:1007-1018.

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Veit et al. (1998)
Regulation of leaf initiation by the terminal ear 1 gene of maize
Nature 393:166-168

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Qing et al. (1998)
The FRUITFULL MADS-box gene mediates cell differentiation during Arabidopsis fruit development
Development 125:1509-1517

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Mandel et al. (1998)
The Arabidopsis AGL9 MADS box gene is expressed in young flower primordia
Sexual Plant Reproduction 11:22-28

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Hempel et al. (1997)
Floral determination and expression of floral regulatory genes in Arabidopsis
Development 124:3845-3853

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Kempin et al. (1997)
Inactivation of the Arabidopsis AGL5 MADS-box gene by homologous recombination
Nature 389:802

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Mena et al. (1996)
Diversification of C-function activity in maize flower development.
Science 274:1537-1540.

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Mandel and Yanofsky. (1995)
The Arabidopsis AGL8 MADS Box Gene is Expressed in Inflorescence Meristems and is Negatively Regulated by APETALA1
Plant Cell 7:1763-1771.

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Mandel and Yanofsky. (1995)
A gene triggering flower formation in Arabidopsis
Nature 377:522-524.

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Rounsley et al. (1995)
Diverse roles for MADS-box genes in Arabidopsis development.
Plant Cell 7:1259-1269.

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Savidge et al. (1995)
Temporal relationship between the transcription of two Arabidopsis MADS-box genes and the floral organ identity genes.
Plant Cell 7:721-733.

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Puruggganan et al. (1995)
Molecular evolution of flower development: diversification of the plant MADS-box regulatory gene family.
Genetics 140:345-356.

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Kempin et al. (1995)
Molecular basis of the cauliflower phenotype in Arabidopsis.
Science 267: 522-525.

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Pnueli et al. (1994)
Isolation of the tomato AGAMOUS gene TAG1 and analysis of its homeotic role in transgenic plants.
Plant Cell 6:163-173.

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Gustafson-Brown et al. (1994)
Regulation of the Arabidopsis floral homeotic gene APETALA1.
Cell 76:131-43.

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Kempin et al. (1993)
Conversion of perianth into reproductive organs by the ectopic expression of the tobacco floral homeotic gene NAG1.
Plant Physiol. 103:1041-1046.

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Mandel et al. (1992)
Manipulation of flower structure in transgenic tobacco.
Cell 71: 133-143.

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Mandel et al. (1992)
Molecular Characterization of the Arabidopsis floral homeotic gene APETALA1.
Nature 360:273-277

!icon_pe.gif (245 bytes) Yanofsky et al. (1990)
The protein encoded by the Arabidopsis homeotic gene AGAMOUS resembles transcription factors.
Nature 346:35-39