Dr. James Wilhelm, Ph.D BIO



Andy Shiau, Visiting Scientist

Biochemical studies of mRNA complexes


Brian Sato, Post-Doctoral Fellow

Characterization of mRNA targets of the localization complex




Risa Broyer, Graduate

"Genetic studies of novel mRNA localization factors" to "CTP synthase filaments in neurons"



Elena Monfort-Prieto, Research Technician

Biochemistry of translational regulation of localized mRNAs




Charlie Noree, Graduate Student

"Characterization of mRNA targets of the localization complex" to "Identification of novel intracellular structures"





Philip Jiang, Graduate Student

Purification of mRNA localization complexes




Juliana Chang, Graduate Student

Genetic screens for novel mRNA localization factors



Amir Motamedi, Graduate Student

Identifying novel localized mRNAs




Dane Samilo, Research

"Self-assembling metabolic networks"