Matthew Schultz

Graduate Student
Bioinformatics and Plant Systems Biology

About Me

I am a first year Bioinformatics Ph.D. student and Plant Systems Biology IGERT fellow at UCSD. When I'm not in school or doing research, I enjoy being outdoors usually playing ultimate frisbee or cycling.

Current Research

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Past Research

Modeling Hypocotyl Growth in Arabidopsis: I used a parameter estimation tool called SBML-PET (Systems Biology Markup Language Parameter Estimation Tool) along with MATLAB to create a mathematical model to represent previously collected hypocotyl growth data. By continuously tweaking the model and comparing the simulated growth data with the actual growth data, we tried to identify new components in the pathway.

Novel Virus Identification in Grape: With the help of BLAST and PCAP, I took some sequence data and tried to find a novel virus in some sick grape plants. To achieve this, I assembled the grape plant sequences with PCAP and then compared them to known virus sequences via BLAST. I looked for sequences that were not too similar to already characterized virus sequences but still somewhat similar to existing sequences, so I knew they were not plant sequences.


Schultz, M. D. (2008). Modeling Hypocotyl Elongation in Arabidopsis. Explorations. 49-66.<>


Ph.D. Bioinformatics
University of California, San Diego

B.S. Genetics
University of California, Davis