Tim Jobe

Graduate Student

University of California, San Diego

Division of Biology


Lab Affiliations:

PI: Julian Schroeder, Biological Sciences Division

Co-PI: Elizabeth Komives, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


2000-2005          BS in Chemical Engineering, New Mexico State University

2005-2007          MS in Agronomy, New Mexico State University

2007-Present      PhD in Biological Sciences, University of California, San Diego

Research Interests:

My current research focus is on understanding signaling pathways involved in metal(oid) metabolism in plants.  In particular, I am interested in nonessential elements, such as cadmium and arsenic that are of concern to human health and are listed on the EPA Superfund's top 7 priority list of hazardous substances (see CERCLA).  My work involves evaluating previously identified mutants that have a misregulated response to the heavy metal cadmium.  To evaluate these mutants, I use both genomic and proteomic tools.  This approach will help to identify novel regulatory networks that may aid in increasing plant heavy metal uptake for phytoremediation purposes, or in decreasing heavy metal uptake in agronomic plants to limit human exposure. 


Coming soon (I hope)!!!




University of California, San Diego

Division of Biological Sciences

Muir Biology Building, MC 0116

9500 Gilman Drive

La Jolla, CA 92093-0357


Contact Info

Phone: 858.534.7432

E-mail: tjobe(at)ucsd(dot)edu