Some Publications from the past few years

Juarez, M.T., Patterson, R.A., Li, W. and McGinnis, W. (2013) Microinjection wound assay and in vivo localization of epidermal wound response reporters in Drosophila embryos. Journal of Visualized Experiments, (81), e50750, doi:10.3791/50750. PMCID: PMC3969900

Patterson, R.A., Juarez, M.T., Hermann, A., Sasik, R., Hardiman, G., and McGinnis, W. (2013)  Serine proteolytic pathway activation reveals an expanded ensemble of wound response genes in Drosophila.  PLoS ONE, 8: e61773 . PMCID: PMC3634835

Paré, A., Kim, M., Brody, S. and McGinnis, W. (2012) The functions of Grainy head family proteins in Animals and Fungi and the evolution of apical extracellular barriers.  PLoS ONE, 7, e36254.  PMCID: PMC3348937

Lemons, D., Paré, A. and McGinnis, W. (2012) Three Drosophila Hox complex miRNAs do not have major effects on expression of evolutionarily conserved Hox gene targets during embryogenesis,  PLoS ONE 7, e31365. PMCID: PMC3290615

Juarez, M. T. Patterson, R., Sandoval-Guillen, E. and McGinnis, W. (2011) Duox, Flotillin-2, and Src42A are Required to Activate or Delimit the Spread of the Transcriptional Response to Epidermal Wounds in DrosophilaPLoS Genetics 7, e1002424. PMCID: PMC3248467

McHale, P., Mizutani, C.M., Kosman, D., MacKay, D.L., Belu. M., McGinnis. W., Ethan Bier, and Hwa, T. (2011)  Gene length may contribute to graded transcriptional responses in the Drosophila embryo. Developmental Biology, 360, 230-240. PMID:  21920356

Kim, M. and McGinnis, W. (2011) Phosphorylation of Grainy head by ERK is essential for wound-dependent regeneration of an epidermal barrier but dispensable for embryonic barrier development. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 108, 650-655. PMCID: PMC3021071

Lemons, D., Fritzenwanker, J.H., Gerhart J., Lowe, C.J., McGinnis, W. (2010) Co-option of an anteroposterior head axis gene network for proximodistal patterning of appendages in early bilaterian evolution. Developmental Biology, 344, 358-362.  PMCID: PMC2909331 Lemons-McGinnis-2010.pdf

Arvey, A., Hermann, A., Hsia, C.C., Ie, E., Freund., Y,, and McGinnis, W. (2010) Minimizing off-target signals in RNA fluorescent in situ hybridization, Nucleic Acids Research 38, e115, 1-7. PMCID: PMC2879521 Arvey-McGinnis-2010.pdf

Hsia, C. and McGinnis, W. (2010) Silencing of an abdominal Hox gene during embryonic development is correlated with limb development in posterior regions of a crustacean trunk. Evolution & Development, 12, 131-143. PMCID: PMC2893884  Hsia-McGinnis-2010.pdf

Paré, A., Lemons, D.,  Kosman, D., Beaver, W., Freund, Y., and McGinnis, W. (2009) Counting Hox transcripts within single cells in Drosophila embryos: evidence for transcriptional bursting. Current Biology 19, 2037-2042. PMCID: PMC2805773  Paré-McGinnis-2009.pdf

Pearson, J.C., Juarez, M.T., Kim, M., McGinnis, W. (2009) Multiple Transcription Factor Codes Activate Epidermal Wound Response Genes in Drosophila. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 106, 2224-2229. PMCID: PMC2630199 Pearson-McGinnis-2009.pdf

Taghli-Lammalem, O., Hsia, C., Ronshaugen, M., and McGinnis, W. (2008) Context-dependent regulation of Hox protein function by CK2 phosphorylation sites. Development, Genes and Evolution 218, 321-332. PMCID: PMC2443945 Taghli-McGinnis-2008.pdf

N. King, 30 co-authors, D. Lemons, W. McGinnis, H Shapiro, R. Tjian, D. Rokhsar (2008) The genome of the choanoflagellate Monosiga brevicollis and the origins of metazoans. Nature 451, 783-788. PMCID: PMC2562698 King-etal-choano-genome.pdf

Beaver, W., Kosman, D., Tedeschi, G., Bier, E., McGinnis, W. and Freund, Y. (2007) Segmentation of nuclei in confocal image stacks using performance based thresholding.  Conf. Proceedings, 4th IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging. pp. 53-56.

Lemons, D. and McGinnis W. (2006) Genomic evolution of Hox gene clusters, Science 313, 1918-1922. Lemons-McGinnis-2006.pdf

Tour, E., Hittinger, C.T. and McGinnis, W. (2005) Evolutionarily conserved domains required for activation and repression functions of the Drosophila Hox protein Ultrabithorax. Development 132: 5271-5281. Tour_McGinnis.pdf

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Mace, K.A., Pearson, J.C., and McGinnis, W. (2005) An epidermal barrier wound repair pathway in Drosophila is mediated by grainy head. Science 308: 381-385. Epidermal barrier wound repair.pdf

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Ronshaugen, M., McGinnis, N., Chou, D., Zhao, J., Inglis, D. and McGinnis, W. (2002) Structure and expression patterns of Drosophila TULP and TUSP, members of the the tubby-like gene family. Mechanisms of Development 117: 209-215. DrosTulp.pdf

Ronshaugen, M., McGinnis, N. and McGinnis, W. (2002) Hox protein mutation and macroevolution of the insect body plan. Nature 415: 914-917. Hoxmacroevo.pdf



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