Former Lab Members

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Pop Pinyopich
  • Graduate student from Thailand

medard.jpg (17787 bytes) Medard Ng
  • Post-doc from Hong Kong (NOT China)
  • Great seminar speaker

Sarah.jpg (15082 bytes) Sarah Liljegren
  • Coffee fiend from Seattle cofee.gif (986 bytes)
  • Bill Nye groupie

soroya.jpg (11846 bytes) Soraya Pelaz Herrero

Postdoc from the Basque country of Spain.

allen.jpg (10005 bytes) Allen Sessions
  • Post-doc from the great state of Texas



cristina.gif (18554 bytes) Cristina Ferrandiz
  • Postdoc from Spain.
  • Enjoying the good life in Southern CA (See How)


Shusei.jpg (10683 bytes) Shusei Sato


elena.jpg (16651 bytes) Elena Alvarez-Buylla
  • Visiting Professor from Centro de Ecologia
    (UNAM) in Mexico City.
  • Mad about MADS

cindy.jpg (8216 bytes) Cindy Gustafson-Brown
  • Most recent graduate. Obtained her Ph.D. in October 1996.
  • Regulation of AP1 expression.
  • Identification of AP1 and CAL interactors.
  • Currently a postdoc in Randy Johnson's lab at UCSD studying cancer biology.

beth.jpg (7434 bytes) Beth Savidge
  • Born California.
  • Previous grad student.
  • Expression analysis of AGL5.
  • Cloning and expression studies of CAL.
  • Currently a postdoc with Brian Staskawicz, University of California, Berkeley

steve.jpg (7464 bytes)

Steve Rounsley

  • Former Grad Student.
  • Cloning and expression analysis of AGL11-AGL15 and AGL17.
  • Strong interest in biocomputing, sequence analysis etc
  • Current position: Collaborative Investigator at The Institute for Genomic Research, Rockville, MD.
  • The great creator of our web page.

ale.jpg (7276 bytes) Alejandra Mandel
  • Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Former Postdoctoral fellow.
  • Cloned AP1, AGL8, AGL9.
  • Current position: Senior Research Fellow at the University of Arizona, Dept of Plant Pathology


Michael Purugganan

  • Born Manila, Philippines.
  • Former Postdoctoral fellow, now Assistant Professor at North Carolina State University, Dept of Genetics.
  • Evolution of flower development.
  • Single and looking.

Scott Gold

  • Previous postdoctoral fellow.
  • Creative humorist.
  • Currently a faculty member at the University of Georgia

takashi.jpg (7453 bytes) Takashi Araki
  • Previous postdoctoral fellow from Japan.
  • Currently a faculty member at Kyoto University

Lauren Strachan
  • Raised behind the Zion curtain.
  • Loves skiing, surfing, sailing, snorkeling, etc. (subject-Lauren)