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SHATTERPROOF1 (SHP1) and SHP2, previously called AGL1 and AGL5 respectively, are closely related MADS-box genes that are members of a monophyletic clade that also includes AGAMOUS and AGL11.  SHP1 and SHP2 are both expressed in similar patterns during carpel and fruit development.

SHP1 sequence

SHP1 Map position

Although shp1  and shp2 single mutants cannot be distinguished from the wild type, shp1 shp2 double mutants fail to disperse their seeds normally.  Specifically, shp1 shp2 double mutants fail to differentiate a dehiscence zone at the valve/replum boundary where cell separation normally occurs late in fruit development to allow for seed dispersal.  Thus, the SHATTERPROOF genes are functionally redundant and are required for dehiscence zone differentiation during fruit development. SHP2 sequence

SHP2 Map position

Differentiation of the dehiscence zone at the valve/replum boundary in wild-type fruit (left) leads to valve separation from the replum and the dispersal of seeds.  In shp1 shp2 double mutants (right), valves to not separate from the replum because the dehiscence zone fails to differentiate.
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