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RNA blotting indicates that theAGL12 MADS-box gene is preferentially expressed in roots. Although RNA in situ hybridization data are not yet available for AGL12, transgenic plants have been generated in which the AGL12 promoter has been fused to the histochemical marker gene "GUS".


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agl12_root.gif (34192 bytes)agl12_seed.gif (41178 bytes)Transgenic plants that harbor the AGL12::GUS fusions show root-specific expression, and the GUS activity is localized to specific cell types within the root.
Selected References:

Rounsley, S.D., Ditta, G.S , and Yanofsky, M.F. (1995). Diverse roles for MADS box genes in Arabidopsis development. Plant Cell 7:1259-1269.