Spitzer Lab Members

Nick Spitzer - Principal Investigator

Postdoctoral Fellows:

MichaŽl Demarque - Activity-dependent specification of serotonin and its functions in the embryonic brain.

Davide Dulcis - Ca2+ spike-dependent specification of dopaminergic neurons in the embryonic brain.

Kurt Marek - Signaling mechanisms mediating Ca2+ -dependent neurotransmitter specification.

Graduate Students:

Linda Chang - Regulation of the period of spontaneous Ca2+ spike activity by the Na/K ATPase.

Sera Chung - Ca2+ dynamics in the embryonic neural tube of a genetically tractable amphibian.

Lisa Kurtz - Genetic screening for analysis of Ca2+ -dependent transmitter specification.

Sharon Sann - Role of a mechanosensitive Ca2+ channel in neuronal differentiation.

Norma Velazquez-Ulloa - Mechanism of regulation of Ca2+ spikes by neurotransmitters and the effect of homeostatic changes of neurotransmitter expression on tadpole behavior.

Qian Xiao - Reopening the sensitive period for activity-dependent neurotransmitter respecification.

Staff Research Associate:

Gabriela Monsalve - Neurotransmitter mediation of Ca2+ -dependent metabotropic signaling pathways.

Undergraduate Assistants:

Devang Akotia

Fred Lin

Amarin Suriyak

Larry Tu

Former Colleagues:

Mike Ferrari - Regulation of myofibrillogenesis and somitogenesis by spontaneous Ca2+ transients. Mike's Home Page.

Anne Vincent - Suppression of K+ currents with antisense oligonucleotides in spinal neurons.

Nate Lautermilch - Role of calcineurin and other downstream effectors in the decoding of Ca2+ waves.

Tim Gomez - In vivo regulation of neurite outgrowth and pathfinding by Ca2+ transients and other second messengers. Tim's Home Page.

Ray Smith - Differential expression analysis of Ca2+ transient-dependent genes.

Paul Kingston - Mechanism of generation of spontaneous Ca2+ waves in growth cones.

Matt Conklin - Upstream mechanisms regulating the production of Ca2+ waves in growth cones.

Tim Manning - In vivo regulation of peripheral axon pathfinding  by Ca2+ transients.

Yulia Gorbunova - Regulation of Ca2+ transient frequency by intracellular cAMP.

Elena Minakova

Cory Root

Laura Borodinsky - Neurotransmitter-receptor matching in neuronal development.

Brent Miller - Mechanisms of Ca2+ signaling in migrating growth cones.