Smith lab July 2011. Back row left to right: Adam Zona (undergrad researcher), Michelle Facette (postdoc), Laurie Smith (PI). Front row: Xiaoguo Zhang (postdoc), John Humphries (postdoc), Machi Shields (undergraduate researcher), Yeri Park (BS/MS student), Ah-Young Lee (BS/MS student), Lauren Clark BS/MS student),and Carolyn Rasmussen (postdoc) with her son.

Current Lab Members


Prof. Laurie G. Smith

Principal Investigator

Michelle Facette


Yeri Park

Staff Research Associate

Emerly Hsu

undergrad lab assistant

Jeff Zhang

undergrad lab assistant

Katy Deng

undergrad lab assistant

Recent Alumni

Carolyn Rasmussen

former postdoc

now Research Scientist, University of Wyoming

Amanda Wright

former postdoc

now Assistant Professor, University of North Texas

Xiaoguo Zhang

former postdoc

now Senior Biological Scientist, University of Florida

John Humphries

former postdoc

Now Research Scientist, University of Melbourne

Ah Young Lee

former BS/MS student

Now Associate Research Staff, UCSD Ludwig Institute

Lauren Clark

Former BS/MS student

Now Staff Research Associate, UCSD Division of Biological Sciences