The Genespring™ genome file is a compressed archive which must be "unzipped" using a decompression program (eg. "WinZip" at Three files will be extracted in the decompression process: "arabidopsis genome file.txt", "arabidopsis.seq" and "Arabidopsis.genomedef". The "arabidopsis genome file.txt" contains AGI identifiers, chromosomal position, and descriptions for the Affymetrix™ Arabidopsis chip probe sets. The "arabidopsis.seq" file contains the full sequence of each chromosome (based on the latest sequences from TIGR). To install these files on Genespring™ software you need to start the “New genome installation wizard” function on the program and specify the location of these files as you proceed with the genome installation, as described in the Genespring™ user manual.

If you are using a previous version of our Genespring files, you can simply replace the old files with the new ones. You don't need to install them with the "New genome wizard."