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Cory Root (Principal Investigator)

Cory grew up in the mountains of Colorado. He received his B.A. in Biology and Chemistry combined major from Whitman College. Before graduate school, Cory worked with Nicholas Spitzer at UCSD for nearly 5 years studying activity-dependent neurotrasmitter expression in Xenopus spinal neurons, where he developed an interest in neurobiology. He went on to receive his Ph.D. in Biology from UCSD working with Jing Wang studing olfactory processing in Drosophila. Cory did postdoctoral research with Richard Axel at Columbia University, before coming home to UCSD in the summer of 2016.




Chung Lung Chan (Postdoctoral Scholar)

Chung received his his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Marquette University, where he worked with Robert Wheeler using in vivo electrophysiology to study the neural encoding of motivation and hedonics in the limbic system. He joined our lab in Summer 2017. He is also a Panda Express enthusiast.

Graduate students:

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James Lee (Masters student)

James is a UCSD student in the Biology BS/MS program. He joined the lab Winter 2017 as an undergraduate volunteer.

Lab staff:


Kiana Miyamoto (Staff Research Associate)

Kiana is our lab manager and technician. She received her B.S from UCSD as double major in Cognitive Science and Physiology & Neuroscience. Kiana was the first person to join the lab and has been here since summer 2016. Before coming to the Root lab, she worked with Douglas Nitz as an Undergraduate volunteer.

Preea Mazumder (Staff Research Associate)

Preea received her B.S. from UCSD majoring in Physiology & Neuroscience. She was previously an Undergrad Volunteer in the Root lab.

Undergraduate Students:


Alan Faulks (Undergraduate Volunteer)

Alan is a UCSD student majoring in Human Biology. He joined the lab in Summer 2017

Elena Gutierrez (Visiting Student Intern)

Elena is visiting the lab for the 2017/2018 academic year as part of an intership program from her home university, The University of Manchester. She joined the lab in Fall 2017.

Mayuri Kathrotia (Undergraduate Volunteer)

Mayuri is a UCSD student majoring in Public Health. She was our first undergrad, joining Fall 2016.

Joelle Victoriano (Undergraduate Volunteer)

Joelle is a student at UCSD majoring in Human Biology. She has been in the lab since Srpint 2017.


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