Mission Statement
To develop exercises that raise awareness and interest in bee biology and the importance of native bees to local ecosystems.
1) Involve students from tropical countries in our mission
2) Reach a broad range of students from grade school through college
3) Provide exercises that teachers can use in the classroom
4) Get feedback from teachers and students regarding what they would find useful
5) Use the internet to try out distance learning and new technologies that can assist our mission
Who Are We?
James Nieh is a Professor of Biology at the University of California, San Diego. He studies the evolution of recruitment communication in social bees, focusing on the highly social bees (honeybees and stingless bees) and the primitively eusocial bees (bumblebees). For more information, please visit http://biology.ucsd.edu/labs/nieh/index.html. His papers are available at: http://www-biology.ucsd.edu/labs/nieh/publications.html.
WebBee is a collection of information about bees in Brazil. It is part of an active network of resources designed to accumulate knowledge and strengthen understanding of bee pollinators in tropical areas. http://www.webbee.org.br/
Dylan Voeller is a UCSD Graduate in Ecology, Behavior & Evolution interested in conservation and outreach.
We would like to thank the many individuals who have made this research possible and who have provided so much support in the field. In particular, we wish to thank Vera L. Imperatriz-Fonseca, Paulo Nogueira-Neto, Felipe A. L. Contrera, David Roubik, and Tom Seeley. Photos and videos that appear on the teaching bee were shot by James C. Nieh, Felipe A. L. Contrera, and Sergio Dias Hilário.