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Table of Genes


Table of 80 REMI Genes and their Properties

The following are the REMI Genes, their Phenotype, Gene Name, Protein Name, Description, and GenBank Accession Numbers which have been completed or nearly completed as of January, 2000. Click here to view thumbnails of selected images

Name Phenotype GeneName
Protein Name Description

GB Accession Number

DG1003 finger ORF1003 ORF1003 ORF1003 no significant homologs U66909
DG1006 finger lipA lipA LipA similar to lipoxygenase U66910
DG1007 finger ORF1007 ORF1007 ORF1007 no significant homologs U66911
DG1008 small fruiting body ORF1008 ORF1008 ORF1008 no significant homologs U67089
DG1014 yellow mounds yelA yelA YelA similar to eIF-4F (Osherov et al. 1997) U63062
DG1016 finger ORF1016 ORF1016 ORF1016 no significant homologs U66912
DG1020 slug migA migA MigA homology with BTB domain (Escalante et al., 1997) U86962
DG1022 sup. tagB ORF1022 ORF1022 ORF1022 no significant homologs AF015564
DG1023 sup. tagB mkcA mkcA MkcA similar to STE20 / PAK65 (Shaulsky et al., 1996) U60169
DG1025 sup. tagB abcA abcA AbcA similar to ABC family transporter U66526
DG1026 sup. tagB prtC prtC PrtC similar to proteasome subunit (Shaulsky et al., 1996) U60168
DG1029 finger rgaA rgaA RasGAP1 similar to RasGAP (Lee et al., 1997) U81156
DG1030 sup. tagB regA regA RegA cAMP phosphodiesterase (Shaulsky et al., 1996) U60170
DG1033 stumpy fruits modA modA ModA alpha-glucosidase (Freeze et al., 1997) U72236
DG1035 multi tip tipD tipD TipD no significant homologs - + WD40 (Stege et al, 1999) AF019236
DG1036 multi tip tipB tipB TipB no significant homologs (Stege et al, 1999) AF079444
DG1038 multi tip tipC tipC TipC ORF family (Stege et al, 1999) AF079445
DG1039 aberrant fruit ORF1039 ORF1039 ORF1039 similar to Dicty sks1 AF018638
DG1040 clustered fingers ORF1040 ORF1040 ORF1040 no significant homologs U66913
DG1041 fingers ORF1041 ORF1041 ORF1041 no significant homologs AF019107
DG1047 yellow mound redA redA RedA similar to cytochrome p450 reducase AF012946
DG1050 tiny fruit zipA zipA ZipA leucine zipper AF019980
DG1053 very yellow ORF1053 ORF1053 ORF1053 no significant homologs AF012944
DG1054 aberrant fruit ORF1054 ORF1054 ORF1054 no significant homologs AF012945
DG1056 aberrant fruit lipB lipB LipB aminoalcohol phosphotransferase AF019108
DG1057 wimpy fruit potA potA PotA similar to calcium-activated potassium channel AF015567
DG1058 small fruit ctrA ctrA CtrA similar to cationic amino acid transferase AF015566
DG1059 streamer helE helE HelE similar to helicases AF019981
DG1060 streamer ORF1060 ORF1060 ORF1060 no significant homologs AF020278
DG1062 fallen sorus ORF1062 ORF1062 ORF1062 no significant homologs AF020285
DG1064 wimpy fruit wimA wimA WimA no significant homologs AF020407
DG1066 skinny fruit futA futA FutA fucosyl transferase AF076599
DG1067 short thin stalk ORF1067 ORF1067 ORF1067 weak similarity with LAMA AF079446
DG1069 aberrant fruit mhkC mhkC MhkC myosin heavy chain kinase AF079447
DG1071 lumpy ORF1071 ORF1071 ORF1071 similar to mouse CTD phosphoprotein AF081799
DG1074 twisted ORF1074 ORF1074 ORF1074 possible RNA binding domain AF081800
DG1078 glassy ubpB ubpB UbpB similar to ubiquitin protease AF093690
DG1080 fat sori tafA tafA TafA similar to helicase/TBP assiciated protein AF079449
DG1091 small ORF1091 ORF1091 ORF1091 no significant homologs AF163834
DG1093 dense ORF1093 ORF1093 ORF1093 contains PH domain AF080677
DG1094 aberrant fruit ORF1094 ORF1094 ORF1094 no significant homologs AF081586
DG1098 small ORF1098 ORF1098 ORF1098 no significant homologs AF081801
DG1099 stalkless dcsA dcsA DcsA cellulose synthase (Blanton et al, 1999) AF163835
DG1100 weak stalks acrA acrA AcrA adenylyl cyclase (Soderbom et al, 1999) AF153362
DG1101 small fruits mkcB mkcB MkcB similar to mkcA none
DG1104 agg- cpyA cpyA CpyA related to cpy (mammalian Y gene) AF076600
DG1105 agg-- ORF1105 ORF1105 ORF1105 no significant homologs AF076601
DG1106 agg- ORF1106 ORF1106 ORF1106 ORF - with kelch repeats AF111942
DG1109 aberrant fruit ggtA ggtA GgtA glycoprotein transferase (Parodi/Loomis) AF076603
DG1110 gnarly fruits ORF1110 ORF1110 ORF1110 similar to bacterial peptide transport component AF081585
DG1112 skinny stalks ORF1112 ORF1112 ORF1112 similar to myosin I binding protein AF081950
DG1113 long stalks ORF1113 ORF1113 ORF1113 no significant homologs AF164347
DG1114 slippery stalks amdA amdA AmdA similar to AMP deaminase (Chae/Loomis) none
DG1117 agg- piaA piaA Pianissimo adenylyl cyclase adapter (Chen et al, 1997) AF080675
DG1118 fat sori ORF1118 ORF1118 ORF1118 no significant homologs AF081802
DG1120 aberrant fruits gbqA gbqA GbqA GTP binding protein AF081584
DG1121 agg- mkpA mkpA MkpA similar to MAPK phosphatase none
DG1122 lumpy ORF1122 ORF1122 ORF1122 no significant homologs AF111944
 DG1124 loose mounds ORF1124 ORF1124 ORF1124 no significant homologs  AF111943
 DG1137 gracile atcA  atcA ATC1 Ca++ ATPase  none
 DG1138 stalkless        in progress  
 DG1143 agg-        in progress  
 DG1146 small, dense        in progress  
 DG1148 aberrant fruit fcpA fcpA FCP1 CTD phosphatase  AF111941
 DG1149 mounds        in progress  
DG2001 finger ubcB ubcB UbcB similar to ubiquitin conjugating enzyme (Clark et al., 1997) U67838
DG2002 loose agg sokA sokA SokA WD40 (Williams, Kay) none
DG2005 mound orfR2005 orfR2005 R2005 calcium binding domain AF020408
DG2006 mound spnA spnA Spalten protein phosphatase (Aubry et al., 1998) AF019985
DG2015 mound docA docA DocA similar to DOCK180 AF020409
DG2016 mound culA culA CulA similar to cullin (Mohanty et al., 1999) AF020287
DG2023 mound paxA paxA PaxA similar to paxillin + lim- domain none
DG2024 finger dstA dstA STAT Dicty STAT-1 (Kawata et al., 1997) Y13097
DG2030 mound magA magA MagA similar to G6P isomerase none
DG2033 mound ORF2033 ORF2033 ORF2033 no significant homologs AF020282
DG2044 loose agg ORF2044 ORF2044 ORF2044 no significant homologs AF020283
DG2046 tiny fruits ORF2046 ORF2046 ORF2046 no significant homologs none
DG2049 slugger ORF2049 ORF2049 ORF2049 no significant homologs none
DG2050 multitip ORF2050 ORF2050 ORF2050 no significant homologs none
DG2058 loose agg ORF2058 ORF2058 ORF2058 no significant homologs none